Baked My New Skates – Here’s How


As someone that likes to do things myself, yesterday I baked my skates to avoid some of the pain that breaking in new skates has historically caused me.  I completed the molding process at home before I had them sharpened.  By the way, I got them sharpened with a 1/2″ radius.  This is probably the most common radius, but also seems ideal for my weight.

Do not do this if your skate is not intended to be thermoformable (most higher-end hockey skates manufactured today are).  Its probably best to get this done by the shop you buy them from, so please note, I’m not responsible if this doesn’t work for you or voids your warranty.  I was driven to the internet after months of trying to buy this model from my local NYC shop (Graf G735 Overload fits the shape of my foot and has the best level of stiffness for my weight).

Anyway, here are the instructions for what I did (get the instructions for your brand): Details »