There Are No Survivors

This is a new painting I completed the end of May 2012 entitled There Are No Survivors.  Mixed media on panel, 48″ x 48″  In an unrelated matter, I accepted my invitation to today and I don’t know why.

New Work

Here is a new painting entitled 110501 (Clotaire).  43″ x 43″ Digital Pigment Print, Acrylic, and Resin on Board.  Hope you like it.

Marks Need To Be Made

I’m extremely lucky to have wonderful commercial clients for my photography and motion work, and I’ve had some great projects lately, but I miss painting.  Its been awhile since I made a painting, and the reality is that its not something I’m able to do between checking e-mails or photographing some amazing person.  So I’m gearing up to sort of disappear and get back in the groove, because marks need to be made.

Here are some examples of my most recent work, all of which are 43″ square, and the first two ended up hanging in Keith Haring’s old apartment and seen in a fairly recent New York Magazine article thanks to Cole and Garrett:


090506 Consequence of an Online Exchange with Amanda




Many thanks to Golden Paints for the superb technical support and for making the great UV protective varnish I’ve used for a few years!

That Is Fabulous!

I was featured on That Is Fabulous.  Interesting questions they asked me!

Cole and Garrett

Two of my paintings are part of this month’s Industrial Garden in NYC, a loft project by the wonderful design team Cole and Garrett.